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If you are tired of the status quo and see leadership in terms of our responsibility to our followers, let’s stop waiting to be picked and become the leaders we would love to follow and our people deserve.

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Are you searching for a leader to trust?

Leaders we can trust are clear, consistent, caring, and competent. Clarity Clarity is crucial in achieving desired outcomes. Teams unleash creativity when they understand mission and are aligned to goals.  Lack of clarity results in wasted time and frustrated people. Consistency Consistent leaders make people feel safe and achieve superior results. To the contrary, leaders …

Rocky Mountain Project Management Symposium

I was honored to share principles of how to employ servant leadership principles to build stronger teams at the 2019 Rocky Mountain Project Management Symposium. Thank you to all the volunteers and organizers who helped make the event such a tremendous success! Sincerely, Eric


To challenge, encourage, and equip individuals and groups to discover and employ their unique gifts, talents, abilities, and experiences in realizing noble causes that improve the lives of people.

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