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The intent of this blog is to begin a conversation that will grow your leadership and transform you into a leader that others want to follow.

If you are tired of the status quo and see leadership in terms of our responsibility to our followers, let’s stop waiting to be picked and become the leaders we would love to follow and our people deserve.

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Want to build something that endures?

Making something that endures requires that it be important enough that we trade our precious time and talents to make it happen, that people benefit from it and we build in ways that it might live on to meet future needs in ways we cannot imagine today.

What is the leadership mindset?

Jim Taylor, PhD writes about the leadership mindset in Psychology Today, I define mindset as the attitudes, beliefs, and expectations you hold that act as the foundation of who you are, how you lead, and the ways in which you interact with your team.


To challenge, encourage, and equip individuals and groups to discover and employ their unique gifts, talents, abilities, and experiences in realizing noble causes that improve the lives of people.

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