What Is At Your Center?

Knowing your center is one of our first steps in becoming a leader others want to follow.

A couple of years ago, our family took an extended vacation and as the time passed quickly we found ourselves thinking how we could have more meaningful connections every week.  One idea we came up with was to have a weekly family fun night.  You know. . . play a game, go to dinner, watch a movie or attend a special event. I suspect you all probably did something like this as a child or are doing it now if you have children.

One of our first nights to do this, our young daughter selected ‘Rise of the Gardians’ move for us all to watch together.   There is an important self-leadership concept contained in the movie that I have captured for you in the clip below:

What is your center?

I submit to you that each of us must ask and know the answers to this question before we expect people to follow us.  To the one thinking, “is this really necessary?”     

My response is, “Yes, I think it is. And here’s why . . . .”

It is because people want to know who you are and where you stand.   Once they do they are able to buy into your vision.  Let us encourage each other to take time and think about our values and how to align our behaviors to them.

Our teams are counting on us!