What Does It Mean To Prune Our Team?

Pruning is part of the cycle of growth of all healthy organizations. Those that fail to do it eventually find themselves unbalanced, inefficient, and  unable to meet the needs of their clients. Thinking about pruning the organization within this context, we offer 3 examples to consider:

Moving people out:

We cut off the dead parts. These include people whose behaviors work contrary to the organizations’ purpose, those no longer aligned with team values, and individuals who don’t show ability to do the work.

A good leader cannot afford to let the toxicity of individuals corrupt the organizations’ reputation or hurt people.

Cutting back on the good:

We know that pruning does not feel comfortable.  However, every organization has a finite capacity to produce.  By cutting back on the good it allows for new growth and nutrients to flow to our most important priorities. We should challenge our teams to begin saying ‘no’ to some good ideas to make room for the great ones.

Moving people around:

Introducing a catalyst for new growth can help when introduced at the right time.  We know that change fatigue is real so we are not proposing changing for no reason.  Instead, when we are in a season of pruning we know certain leaders excel during these times.  Now is the time we deploy them to help strengthen the teams, build confidence, and move our team forward in new ways.