What colors make up the best team?

A team is a living organism and created for a reason.  We understand that no team is exactly the same because each is comprised of human beings.   

Our responsibility

The leader’s responsibility is to assemble those with the talent and experience to complete the mission.  The responsibility team members have is to unlock and exploit their combined talent to perform at the highest level.

Those in charge that treat teams as fungible resources are incurring tremendous opportunity cost

Leaders that assemble high performing teams avoid obstacles and focus on selecting individuals with the following traits:

1) Select individuals on purpose

Understand what work the team will perform.  Take into consideration the environment, culture, client, partners, and leaders the team members work with.

2) Look for those who volunteer 

The best teams are constructed with people who are internally motivated.  Select those who see their future aligned with the mission, the work, and their personal goals.

3) Adaptability

Because individual and team development occurs while performing the work, finding adaptable team members is crucial.

4) Diversity

We desperately need  various perspectives on our teams.  That is how we create quality products and services that meet client needs.  We each have a point of view.  And we shouldn’t always expect agreement.  The best teams discuss vigorously, make decisions, and align accordingly.

5) Creativity

New ideas come from each contributor.  Creativity brings new opportunity to solve  problems and help the team navigate unexpected challenges.


Accomplishments come when a focused team works in the right environment on the right priorities.  Over time, the accomplishments become achievements, and consistent achievement leads to earning the “high performing mantle”.

Shepherding: The art of becoming the leader others want to follow.