What Catches Your Attention?

There are times in life when something we observe gives us pause.   Maybe it even causes our heart to beat a little faster.   We are drawn to it and do not seem to be able to help ourselves.  We just have to look and are captivated!

Ideas come to us in much the same way.  We have lots of them don’t we?   Sure.   But what do we do about them?  How do we know which ones to release, save, or activate? 

Here are 3 questions to consider the next time your heart beats faster as a new idea captures your attention . . .

1) Does the idea align with our core values?

All ideas are not created equal.  The staying power to follow through comes from our intrinsic drive to bring an idea to life.   The vision of what your idea can become in the future should fuel your passion that will help you to complete it. 

Does your new idea have that?

2) Does it add value?

Now we ask how does it bring good into the world.   Don’t we need more good things today?   Think about how your idea might help.    If it doesn’t, you may find yourself on your own to complete it.  Might be worth it to set the idea aside until we know that it adds value.

3) Is the time right?

Before taking on any new project, evaluate what we might need to give up to make it happen.   Many times we need to give up the good to do the great.  Other times we may need to finish our current commitments.

When the time is right, the idea adds value to people, and it is consistent with your core values, you may have an idea worth pursuing.

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