The 4 most powerful leadership words

Want an easy way to remember key principles exemplary leaders rely on in leading?  Try this.   It is the acronym LEAD.


The best leaders integrate love into all they do.

When love is your motivator, you will have the strength to stand in the face of opposition. When we show how to do this, those ready will emulate our practices. Those that aren’t may come along too because of the results.

Few enjoy following people out for themselves; don’t be like them.


Love shows through giving others our best selves.   Be quick to forgive.

Love in action calls out of our people their best selves too. This can happen because we see the possible.

Believe in them in ways they have yet to believe in themselves.

Love also holds them accountable to their commitments because we want them to succeed.


We encourage individuals to take the next step on their path.

Wherever they are growing. Help them by noticing and cheering them on.   I’ve never heard anyone complain about receiving too much encouragement.


Celebrating accomplishments is about making moments.

Bringing people together in celebration. Sharing a meal together. A personal gift. Whatever is meaningful to the team and/or individual is the key. Driven people often speed past these. If it helps, add an appointment to your calendar to reserve time for celebration.


Every day is a new opportunity to develop those who are ready into exemplary leaders. Live your values in ways that inspire others to join you and watch how others give you permission to lead.

Don’t force it. Ask them. Many are ready to follow, they are just waiting for the right leader.

You might not be able to shepherd everyone, but you can shepherd someone.

Developing NextGen leaders is critical for our world, society, and your community.

Shepherding others is a way you can help make a better tomorrow.

It is within your power to do it. You might not be able to shepherd everyone, but you can shepherd someone.

Shepherding: The art of becoming the leader others want to follow


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