Tears That Bring The Change

Isn’t it true that tears come when triggered by deep emotion?

While I don’t pretend to understand the physiology of how tears are produced and what actually triggers them, I do know that not all tears come from being sad, happy or angry.

One special type I call tears of compassion.

What triggers them?

My perspective is that these kind come when we see or experience a serious problem that is hurting others and it triggers something in us to be part of the solution to make things better. These tears may even come when we least expect them.  However, when they arrive they cannot be ignored and they can be the instrument for change.

Could it be that each tear of compassion contains the seeds that could change someone’s tomorrow for the better?

My experience has shown me that these tears activate special energy to help one overcome obstacles that once seemed impossible to surmount.  Our responsibility is to respond to them in the way we were designed.   They are our call to action and in the midst of acting we find purpose that is meaningful to us and helpful to others

Are you ready?

These special tears can drive us to accomplish remarkable things! They are what connect us to each other. They are why we know it is important. Tears of compassion come from deep in our souls which is what gives them such power to make change.

So what now?

What is that one thing that breaks your heart and you think to yourself, “I wish I could change it.”?

Encouragement to action
If what comes to mind is too big for you to do alone, I encourage you to find the group that is doing something about it and help them. More importantly, if you find no one, perhaps this is the change you are called to bring.