Taking Your Leadership Temperature

As we develop and mature as leaders others want to follow there are many tests we must pass to earn followership.   It is important for us to take our temperature as a leader on a regular basis to increase our self-awareness.

To improve, we continually evaluate ourselves and our teams along the way to identify areas of improvement.  Let’s take our temperature by examining 3 ways to know how we are doing as a leader right now.

1) How are we doing under pressure?

It is only when we are under pressure (too many priorities, big issues to resolve, home challenges, health problems, etc….), we discover our true leadership ability. Nearly anyone can do great things when conditions are perfect and our teams are executing well.

Character is the distinguishing attribute of an exemplary leader because within those who live with integrity are the seeds of trust which contain the foundation of leadership.

We need challenging times to test our character.  It is in these times we discover what is at our center.

2) Are people following?

When people chose to follow us, it is because they believe not only in the leader, but more importantly in the vision of where the leader is leading them. We have a responsibility to cast a vision where each person can see themselves in it and the contributions they are asked to make are meaningful to them.

3) How do people feel after they receive an assignment?

We measure this in terms of energy transferred to or from our teams.

For example, when our people feel positive after interacting with us we see increased loyalty, engagement, and commitment.  The work gets done and they feel good about it.

To the contrary, when the team feels disheartened after interactions with us, the work may get done, but the people will give the minimum effort to achieve the goal, may begin to feel like disengaging, complain, and may even look for another leader to follow.

What is your thermometer telling you?