Resist Temptation To Give Up Authenticity

We see people sacrifice their authentic selves in the workplace in order to obtain power, position, and money.  This temptation occurs when we give in to emulating the wrong people; and it is one we all must face.

How does it happen?

Most don’t intend to give up on being an authentic leader.   Leaders with promise fall one thought and behavior at a time.   They may not even know they have fallen.   None of us are immune so we must be on guard to be sure we listen to the right advisors.

When growing as leaders in areas where we have less experience, we must pay special attention to who we choose to emulate.

If we copy people that do not share our core values, over time our behaviors will drift from what is most important to us.

While we can learn something from every person, we need to lead based on our own values, gifting, and passions because attempting to lead any other way will not allow us to fulfill the promise of our design.

We forget

Sometimes we forget who we are and what kind of leaders we long to follow, while battling the whirlwind of daily activities and so we must ask for help from people that can keep us on track.

How do we stay grounded?

Having close friends, family, and advisors that hold us accountable is extremely important. Those that know us best can help us most.   Knowing and living our values consistently increases trust and allows us to serve our followers authentically.

Regularly ask yourself questions that ground you

1. Where did you come from?
2. What is your center?
3. What is your trajectory?
4. Who is going with you?