Recognizing the Remarkable

Ever work on a project where the mission was important, the road was challenging, and after delivering the product you needed a short rest yet looked forward to doing it again?

Sadly, this doesn’t happen often enough for most of us.

I was blessed recently with the opportunity to work on a team that delivered something remarkable and wanted to share my reflections and give the reader an opportunity to share their thoughts on something remarkable they have worked on.

8 Characteristics Of The Remarkable

1) Unifying vision

Before meaningful work can begin, the delivery team must have a compelling vision that not only wins unwavering leadership support, but includes opportunity for each contributor to see how they personally can add value.

2) Building the right team

Assemble a team fit for purpose.  Contributors must have the skill to do the work and the desire to produce a superior product that people will wait in line to experience.

3) Failure is a possibility

Accomplishing a worthwhile goal should not be without risk.

Accepting the reality that it might not work and having the tenacity to do it anyway; finding a way to make it work can fuel the team to find creative solutions to unexpected problems.

4) Employing the gifting

Each team member uses their unique talents, skills, and abilities to accomplish the mission. Their gifting weaves into the fabric of the product being produced. Each one recognizes their unique role to play and are also eager to help other team members who need it.

5) Leadership support

People in authority validate the value of the work through their financial commitment to, promotion of, and presence at the event or during critical milestones.

6) Delighted clients

The client is happy with the product delivered because we kept our promise and the team anticipated unspoken needs. Doing this delights them because it is how the client knows we have listened, understood, and are connected to them.

7) Finishing well

When the product has been delivered, those that contributed are both tired yet energized evidenced by team members asking, “when are we going to get to do it again?”

8) Recognition

After the event, when the work is done and the celebration ensues, the names of the contributors are so long that organizers feel like there are too many to read, but they do it anyway. It is a time where everyone recognizes the value of the person next to them and the group collectively feels their contribution was part of something that touched lives in a meaningful way.

People may forget all the details of the product and what was accomplished on a particular day.   They will not soon forget how we made them feel. Doing work that matters may only win the day, but the feeling they have may last the rest of their lives.

Let’s all do our best to do more work that matters!