Putting trust to the test

What does it look like when you have earned the trust of others?

When my daughter was a little girl and we would go to the swimming pool. She would love to go to the side of the pool and jump into my arms as I would wait for her a few feet out in the water.


What makes calling young ones out into the water so important? 

There is a risk.   What if she slips when trying to jump?  Or what if I don’t catch her successfully and she struggles to keep her head above water?

Calling teams into something new is not easy, but critical in their development.


Not much time for those thoughts. Each time she would laugh and smile as she told me how much fun it was and how she was going to do it again.

When we do our job correctly our teams can work through their fear and have fun doing it!


    1. In what ways does your team trust you when you call them into the deep?
    2. How can you lead your team into trying something new?
    3. Who are you following and how do you give them your trust?

Shepherding: The art of becoming the leader others want to follow

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The Shepherd’s Library

Every team needs trust to thrive. These books helped me see and apply principles that increased trust with those I lead. I highly recommend them for your library.

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