Leaders thrive in ambiguity

What’s in the box?   Surprise!   Many of us fear ambiguity and the unknown.  I think the the best leaders embrace it and turn it to their advantage.

Let’s examine 3 reasons why ambiguity Is good.

1-Ambiguity is natural

Most of life is filled with it. Ambiguity flowing through our lives is like water moving through our body. We wouldn’t survive without it.

Ambiguity is the substance leaders use to produce value to others

2-Ambiguity invites creativity

Creativity knocks when we accept the future cannot be known and understand we are expected to deliver value anyway. It is the unknown that grants us freedom to experiment. Ambiguity is the gift we long to receive . . . only it is wrapped in fear.

This fear is what stops most leaders from become great.

It wasn’t always that way. Remember when you were just a kid? Back then, we just tried stuff. We made junk with other junk. While most of it didn’t work as we thought it would, there was joy in trying. Sometimes, when we tried enough times we found something that worked.

Embracing ambiguity can give us a chance to find that inner child again!

3-Ambiguity brings opportunity

Transforming ambiguity into opportunity requires we soak it in our values.  Then, we align opportunity to purpose.

Think about what we want to accomplish and who it is for. Why is it important?

Now, work to identify the next best step in a direction that makes sense to you.

Broaden your perspective by asking others with experience and knowledge of the problem you are trying to solve to share their wisdom.


  • What is an ambiguous situation facing you today?
  • When you look at it through your values, what are the best outcome you can imagine?
  • What step could you take today to move closer to the best outcome?

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