Leaders Take Responsiblity

When it comes to delivering projects and products on time, is it just me or is the process of moving teams from here to there more difficult than it should be?  Does it take too long? Do unexpected issues derail your plans?  Is there too much drama on the team or politics between leaders?

These factors surely effect the teams’ ability to make decisions.

Regardless of circumstance, the leader that others want to follow accepts the challenge to make a brighter future for the team and organization.

Who is responsible?

We see a lot of finger pointing today.  There seem to be many answers, but the problems still exist don’t they?    Let’s take a quiz and see who has the best chance of solving our problem.

Who’s to blame for team indecisiveness?  (Multiple Choice)

[A]  My team
[B]  My boss
[C]  Me
[D]  Forces beyond my control
[E]  Organizational culture
[F]  All of the above
[G]  None of the above

The answer

Any of these answers could be the culprit.  Probably most of them contribute to the challenge, but as one who is purposefully growing their leadership capacity, I hope you chose [C].   Only by choosing yourself and taking action do you create the opportunity to make positive change.

Taking responsibility

We accept there will always be external forces pressing on us.  Changing organizational culture takes time and a lot of help.  Through experience, we have learned that a team is a reflection of the leader.  In the end it is our responsibility become a better leader to get results regardless of our boss.

Shepherding:  The art of becoming the leader others want to follow.

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