Leaders Respect The Gift

Today, let’s explore one reason why the best leaders value their people. It comes down to just one idea . . . the gift.

I am passionate about gifts.

No, not the ones I buy for others or those that loved ones give to me, instead I’m thinking about the unique qualities that make each of us special. The gift that resides within.

The shepherd leader develops sight to see what others cannot. The gifts that reside uniquely in those around them.

THE ASSERTION | Each person makes the difference

By design and through experiences, you possess what’s needed to make change that matters.

What you do may not matter to everyone, but it matters to someone. So do the lives of those around you.

While you may not know absolutely, I’ll bet the person who just started working at your office last week may hold the key to unlock something remarkable in your life. It is just up to you to find out what it is. If you believe that could be true, what do you intend to do about it?

Okay, you might be thinking, what on Earth are you talking about Eric? Sometimes you just don’t make sense.

Yeah. Okay. Now, tell me something I haven’t heard before (smile). You could be right, but let’s explore how the gift of others has shown up in my life and see if this idea becomes clearer.

THE APPLICATION | Opening our eyes to thankfulness

What does unwrapping the gift of others look like in our lives?
  • Tender eyes seeing deep into our blind spot resulting in clearer direction that brings hope of a brighter tomorrow
  • Ears to hear what we don’t and mouths that whisper secrets that we need to know
  • Spending time with us without agenda
  • Encouraging words spoken over our lives as we travel along the rocky parts of our journey
  • Fresh perspective that enlights our understanding helping us to understand our place in our story
  • The feeling of belonging because we do
  • Receiving help at just the right time
  • Protection from those looking to harm us
  • Healing of our brokenness as we’re held in the arms of those who care about us for as long as it takes
  • Help us recognize the gift we are


If you believe like I do, that each person in our lives is a gift to us, it becomes our job to give each person respect. I invite you to engage with those around you in ways that add value to them. That is our gift to them. Most times, in the process of giving, we find we receive even more in return.

Shepherding: The art of becoming the leader others want to follow