Leaders Protect Teams From Predators

When a person of authority coerces our team to act unethically, our failure to respond destroys team safety, erodes our ability to influence, and puts our creditability at risk. It is in these times we are tested to know if we are worthy to be called leader.

Leading through precarious times is required of exemplary leaders and our ability to do so relies squarely on our core values.

Here are 3 suggestions to consider as we plan the course of action to deliver our teams from being complicit in unethical behavior:

1) Get the facts

Gather facts first; then act to ensure we protect the team from acting against the organization’s policy.   We do this by learning the policy and what it is in place to protect and the consequences for non-compliance.  During fact gathering, we discover all we can about who is responsible for enforcing policy.

2) Develop a strategy

If a leader is coercing the team contrary to the organizational policy, immediately take steps to protect the team by moving them to the high ground.  Neutralize the threat first, then put in place a strategy to protect from reoccurrence.

3) Secure the right help

People willing to easily break corporate rules, will not hesitate to turn on others under their authority and lash out.  Help comes from policy and those with the job to enforce it and from those with a greater scope of authority. It is our responsibility to assemble the right help to effectively defeat the threat.