Leaders Help Teams Recover

On any journey there are bumps and times when teams will stumble. When framed properly, stumbles can strengthen the team and grow us as leaders.

We recognize that after all our best advice has been given, the best of teams will try going it alone and will learn some lessons the hard way.

As a leader that is developing teams, it can be difficult to watch them walk into and through painful experiences because we don’t know how they will respond.

We all must go through crucible moments for that is how we build our character to do even greater work.

How we respond to our teams during these times will tell us how we are doing as leaders. Here are a few thoughts on what to do when the team is experiencing the sting of a recent failure.

Take care of the wound: As leaders, people are our primary concern. We must engage them on their terms through giving them our eyes, ears and our hearts before providing instruction or coaching. Doing this will help reduce the sting.

Encourage: Once the team is on the mend, they will see that failure is not fatal and we can begin can helping them explore the positive aspects of what the team experienced and look to apply our learnings in the future.

Go again: The work doesn’t stop nor do the challenges. As leaders, if we successfully help our teams regain their balance after a stumble, they will be strengthened and we will have cultivated a more loyal team.