Is Your Tag Showing?

Authentic leadership can be spotted at an early age.  When I was a young boy I remember going with my Mom to the department store.  In those early years you would find me hiding under the racks of cloths looking for treasures while looking for opportunities to surprise shoppers walking by.

Leaders we want to follow are easy to spot because they have their tag showing. We clearly know where they are going, what they are good at, and what they value.

While under the racks, I would run my little hands across each article of clothing and feel the tags that were hanging down off of each garment. Today, each article of clothing found in department stores contains special instructions that contain care instructions.  The tag represents what is required to ensure the garment maintains its integrity of purpose for as long as possible.

What is our responsibility?

Today, I encourage you to show your tag. Because to gain followership, people need to know who we are and what we value.  I encourage you to be yourself and expose your heart and influence your environment. The work we do is for those who need it and only you can be the one to unleash the talent that others are longing to give.

Question to ponder

What can you do today to show your followers who you are and where you are going?