Is The Grass Really Greener On The Other Side?

The livestock of all types seem to think so. While the grass may be plentiful on their side of the fence, I continually see them push their heads through to the other side to eat the same grass; even when it takes more effort and subjects them to personal risk they are relentless.We do this when evaluating opportunities and can find ourselves in a predicament when we experience fear to try something different and delay the thing we know we should do. Instead we keep doing the same things and call them “stretch assignments”.  Face it, we like what’s familiar and I get that. For those of us that want more, it will require courage to try something different. As leaders, we must show the way and lead by example.

When we find ourselves stuck between the status quo and the fear of change, exemplary leaders find a way to press through and help others do the same.

What are some questions we can ask our people when we find them in this condition that might help them find their way to their next pasture?

  1. What do you feel called to do?
    This gets to their values, beliefs, and what gives them purpose. To find career satisfaction we must continually ask this question of ourselves and others or we will find people later on feeling deep regret. Leaders encourage people to take the next step towards their calling.
  2. What activities do you do best?
    Regardless of where we are in life and career there are activities that energize us and those that don’t. Leaders encourage people to do things that energize them because it is within that domain where they will feel they are making a difference.
  3. What is your foundation?
    A person’s SHAPE (Strengths, Heart, Attitude, Personality, and Experiences) are some of the primary materials each person has to do their work and develop their talent. We have some influence in how we develop some areas while others are more set, but we all have a shape that can solve interesting problems and make a difference in the world. Leaders encourage people to increase their self-awareness so they spend more time doing work that matters.

While the grass may be greener on the other side, it is likely a waste of time looking there. Instead we need to find the pasture where we experience the freedom to exercise our gifts to do the things we are meant to do.