How Can We Increase Our Resilience?

In 2017 I traveled to Mozambique, Africa with an incredible team of 14 other men to encourage and give hope to people living in small villages near Nacala.  During our time there I discovered what true resilience looks like from people who know what it means to go without so many things we in the United States take for granted.

What does resilience look like?

What is so incredible, is that these people who have so little materially are not afraid to try new things because they they accept hardships and failures as part of life.  They make the best what is presented to them and focus their effort on things that truly matter; their relationships!

It appears that with each trial they face, they grow stronger. They also find joy in simple things and seem to give so freely.

Therefore, I submit to you that perhaps the power of resilience resides in the heart of each of us; it just may be that it is the inner strength that can overcome the seemingly unsurmountable obstacles that life presents.

A leadership application

As leaders, we believe that the future is yet to be written and today we can make a difference in the lives of people and make tomorrow better than today. Through understanding, compassion, and resourcefulness we can find ways to turn constraints into new opportunities.   We can care for each other as we live and become better human beings.

Some thoughts to consider . . .
  • The next time we think we can’t do it, ask ourselves, “if we could do something what would it be?”
  • Who can we ask for help?
  • What are we afraid of and what can we do to push through the resistance we are facing?