Elements of Building the Remarkable

Elements of building the remarkable include clear vision, a solid foundation and the people to make it happen.

The Power of Clear Vision

Vision illuminates possibility. The best leaders share vision that promises a future that improves lives and strengthens communities.

The root of any vision is a dream wanting to be born.   The time to act comes when our vision inspires others to bring our dream to life.  

Making lasting change requires vision, a solid foundation, and people.

The Importance of a Solid Foundation

Wise leaders purposefully build solid foundations. 

Stability provides options 


Foundations provide stability.  Stability requires the right materials.   A few practical examples include:  

  • Team agreements based upon trust and respect
  • Guiding principles the organization embraces
  • Shared values that drive behaviors and maintain team alignment


The organization’s agility rests squarely upon its foundation.   Organizations that fail to build their offerings on solid foundations join the race to the bottom.  Products become commodities.  Sadly the people do too. 

Let’s commit not to build organizations that commoditize people.   Instead, let’s build our products and services on solid foundations that make us more resilient.

When we do we can expect better outcomes. 

For example, in good times, the organization with exemplary leaders and expertise responds quickly to new opportunity with the employees ready to follow.

Similarly, in challenging times, when many firms are crushed, the one built on a sound foundation positions itself for future growth.

Pushing Through the Resistance

Delivering value does have a price. There are times when we feel anxious and even afraid to take the time to build a solid foundation.  If we want to be the leader others want to follow, we do it anyway. 

When we attempt to push through and we feel a force pushing back.  The resistance we feel means something to the shepherd leader.

Realizing our vision requires working through fear.  Steven Pressfield shows us a helpful way to push through it in his book, The War of Art 

Fear is good. Like self-doubt, fear is an indicator. Fear tells us what we have to do.”  ~ Steven Pressfield


Bringing your dream to life requires a firm foundation for it to thrive.   Through inspiring others we may find our vision fulfilled through the lives of those we choose to serve which is truly remarkable.   

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