Do You Want Leadership You Can Believe In?

Recently, I embraced the idea that leadership is far less about position than it is about influence. As my eyes opened to new ways of thinking, I recognized that people were being crushed by authoritarian and even coercive leaders that relied heavily on their position accomplish their goals. Admittedly, I am a reformed transactional leader that used to focus on obtaining the goal at whatever the price. It was the method modeled for me and I didn’t know another way.

Over time, the pain I saw in others was too much for me to bare so I knew if I couldn’t change others at least I could work to change myself.

And so, began my journey.

For those that know me well, you recognized that I invest my time into searching for better leadership and team building alternatives and eventually developed my own view on leadership where I believe that while application of leadership style should be situational, the style that should be employed first should be that of servant as leader.

Why me? Why you?

I believe that people are accountable to do the right thing when they understand what it is. In my case, as I began to gain clarity around how my ideas could possibly help others, what I began to realize is I was waiting for the leader I longed to become myself. What about you?

Are you waiting for someone who could inspire you and others to embrace their own ideas and purposefully pursue their own dreams using their unique gifts, talents, abilities and experiences? If so, maybe you ought to take this journey too.

What about the others that don’t buy-in to this approach?

It is ok. The type of leadership I espouse and believe in isn’t for everyone. It requires sacrifice and takes time. Leadership doesn’t happen in a day, it happens daily so it isn’t a check box on a development plan. It must be earned in the eyes of others at every level through building trust over time and its practitioners must be people of integrity and willing to be misunderstood by people who have yet to understand the vision of the change we bring. Our precious energy must be carefully invested in people who understand and not wasted trying to convince people. The best evidence that it works will be found in the people themselves and impact on the culture in which they do their work.

Want to take this journey?