About Me

Hi!  I’m Eric.  I am passionate about helping others grow as leaders and creating safe places for their teams to perform great work.

For many years, I had been deceived to believe that the leaders were the ones with a title.  So I waited and watched as people I knew were crushed by individuals who cared more about their own careers than their responsibilities to help those they were supposed to be serving.  It was painful and I felt there was nothing I could do.

When the pain became intolerable, I decided to do everything I could to make a difference through living my values and encouraging others to find their voice as I had found mine.  My leadership transformation helped me see that what I had been told about leadership was mostly a lie and found that I could lead with my heart and get remarkable results.  So can you!

The best leader is one who influences the hearts and minds of those they choose to serve.  

The truth is that we all lead.   We can all improve and get better.  If we want, we can become the leader others want to follow.  We can do it together.

While I believe that the work we do is important, I believe more strongly than ever that the people doing the work are most important.

Today, I invite you to join me on a leadership journey that includes transformation, committing to others, and strengthening your community.    If this is something interesting to you, let’s connect and do something remarkable together in 2020.



I recently published a short story you might like about my father who passed away with cancer.  If you are having challenges with the passing of a loved one, the story might help you focus on the positive impact they had while they were with you.