Adding value is leadership

How do you add value to your organization? Adding value to your organization comes in 3 ways:

1) Give Expertise

Hired for reason, we accept responsibility to contribute our expertise to the organization. We honor the organization’s history, strengthen its culture, and steward its financial health.

Our mission should be to give our best every day ensuring the organization is in better condition than when we found it.

2) Help Others Succeed

Work is important, but the people who do the work are the most important. Helping others succeed is cornerstone to exemplary leadership. The Shepherd Leader is not afraid to lead sacrificially. Willing to put the needs of others before their own. We understand doing the right thing for the organization doesn’t always align with our own self-interest. We are okay with that.

Contributing to others’ success, we improve the chance of creating sustainable organizations. Healthy people do the best work. To add lasting value to our organization means helping others do what they do best every day.

To add lasting value to our organization means helping others do what they do best every day.

3) Application of new skills

When we stop learning, we drift. Drifting doesn’t end well. We see people like this in life don’t we?  Exemplary leaders learn and apply it to their work daily. Purposeful integration of learning into our daily routine produces growth.

We have seen what happens when organizations’ experience loss of direction. Those in charge refusing to take responsibility and blame others when things don’t go well were not ready to lead.

As the speed of activity increases we need to continue to refine our skills. We also need to learn new ones to add value to our organization.

Action Plan

    • What new skill are you learning today?
    • Do you have a 30 day ,60 day , 90 day learning plan?
    • How can you help a co-workers succeed?
    • What are you doing to refine your expertise right now?

The Shepherd’s Library

Leaders are readers.  We are also listeners.   I subscribe to Audible which is a great option when you are short on time but love to learn.   I highly recommend  this product to build your library.  

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