Actions Define The Leader

While leaders and teams may be judged on results, their consistent actions and behaviors are what deserve our attention.   This is because it is the actions of the leader that define them. Below are a list of actions the best leaders consistently display.

10 actions of exemplary leaders

  1. Act with integrity: The evidence of exemplary leadership is found consistently in how their acts match beliefs
  2. Respect all people: Respect and listen to all points of view because each person’s voice is valuable
  3. Give generously: They look for opportunity to lend support the causes of others
  4. Inspire others to action: Their vision is big enough that provides opportunity for followers to use their unique talents doing work that matters and brings value to those served
  5. Remove trouble makers: When the adversary comes, they are prepared and resolved to protect the team
  6. Create safe places: They look to make every environment safer for their teams so they can do their best work every day
  7. Walk through darkness: When teams walk through dark times, they walk with them
  8. Align people to their potential: People aligned to what they do best deliver superior results
  9. Lead sacrificially: Leaders others want to follow are those that take hits that others will not in order to protect the team and fulfill the mission
  10. Recognize achievements: Praise and recognition belong to those who do the work. The best leaders find ways to make this happen

Shepherding: The art of becoming the leader others want to follow