Want to learn how to move your team from here to there more effectively?

Thank you Denver Agile @ Scale for your gracious invitation.

Please consider joining us on July 18, 2019 @ 6:00 p.m.  as we discuss how you can develop into a leader others want to follow doing what you do best every day as an Agilist.



Learn How to Shepherd Your Team (with Eric Peterson)

Thursday, Jul 18, 2019, 6:00 PM

Slalom Office
1899 Wynkoop St 1899 Wynkoop St. Denver, co

29 Agilists Attending

Learn How to Shepherd Your Team Eric Peterson, AAS, BS, MA Charles Schwab & Co. Blog: www.shepherdingheart.com Developing into an exemplary leader requires brining our best selves consistently and sacrificially in service of our teams to fulfill the mission. We will dive deep into how effectively shepherding our teams can help you become the leader…

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Are you searching for a leader to trust?

Leaders we can trust are clear, consistent, caring, and competent.


Clarity is crucial in achieving desired outcomes. Teams unleash creativity when they understand mission and are aligned to goals.  Lack of clarity results in wasted time and frustrated people.


Consistent leaders make people feel safe and achieve superior results. To the contrary, leaders that change course too frequently have difficulty maintaining the trust of their teams and lose productivity.   The best leaders are governed by their guiding principles.  Articulating these principles make the leader visible, accessible, and predictable even when they are not present physically.

Leaders lead best when we see them living their core values and the work being delivered ties others to a purpose greater than themselves.


Solidify trust through caring.   We learn how the leader values people by their  behaviors.

    • Do they praise others generously?
    • Do they look to give credit?
    • Are they building relationships for the benefit of the team or for themselves?
    • Do they see leadership in terms of transactions or relationships?
    • Are other leaders following them or do they walk alone?


While the leader may not be the expert on the team, few would dare follow willingly one who lacks ability to deliver.

Shepherding: The art of becoming the leader others want to follow.