3 Ways To Amplify Your Leadership

Leaders make a difference in the world for many reasons.  Let’s explore 3 ways that can amplify our leadership and increase our influence in the new year.

Serve a noble cause

When we serve a cause bigger than ourselves it changes how we see the world and our place in it. We begin to feel humble, respect others as individuals, and appreciate our own gifts. We understand that we are not the point of the story, but we are a point in the story. Living each day with purpose gives meaning to each step and we begin choosing only work that matters.

When we live knowing we are already blessed, we no longer have to strive to get the blessing.

Give Back

Over time all physical things fade, but the life inside a person does not. This is why investing in people through our caring, listening, kindness, helpfulness, loving, and leading is the best investment we can make during our short time here. When we do this using our own unique giftings something magical happens and our life we are given deepens as our influence is amplified.


When we are the smartest person in the room, we are in the wrong room.

To lead well we know we choose to be curious when we experience circumstances or encounter people we don’t understand. We spend time with people wiser and smarter than us and purpose to not be the smartest person in the room. Below I have included a few links to a some resources that have helped me reshape my thinking.

In the new year let us find a noble cause that brings opportunity to learn and allows us to put the needs of others before our own. When we do, we will find we will have made change that matters in the lives of others and built a richer life for ourselves.


All In: How the Best Managers Create a Culture of Belief and Drive Big Results
By Adrian Gostik and Chester Elton

Jeff Brown’s Lead to Read

Seth’s blog at Seth Godin

The Tree: The One That God Loves

Celebrate Life

Several years ago, my father passed away after a battle with cancer. 

For his funeral I wrote and read a short story to share what he meant to me.  What I learned as the years passed, is that the story written for him may have value to others that have experienced loss.   

What is it about?

We all go through fires, floods, and storms, just like the tree in my story.  When we frame our loved one’s journey in this life through the lens of purpose we can create an opportunity to celebrate the life they lived with us.   We can also rejoice at the life they are living now.    

Get your copy here

Christmas Brings Opportunity

Days leading up to Christmas is magical for children.  We can see and feel their excitement building as we build gingerbread houses, bake cookies, attend school programs, write cards, and hang decorations on a tree that remind us of our past.  What a special time to dream!

As we grow older some might feel a change about the meaning of Christmas.   We may sense that while the celebration of Christmas can be personal, that it is bigger than that.   We begin thinking about how we might bring Christmas to others and not just during the month of December.

Seeing leadership as a gift

Leaders understand that the gifts we have been given are not for us, but instead are for those we serve.   Here are three questions that can help frame this season and lead you to a happier new year.  

1) How can I bring more value to people?

Value is not determined by us, but by those we serve.  Ask those you care about most what they value.  When bringing gifts of service, affirmation,or a present think about what they have said then find something to give that they will touch their heart.

2) What can I do to find the right group of people to serve?

We don’t connect with everyone, but we do connect with someone.     The right group to serve is typically the one closest to us.   If you are up for it, take the next opportunity you see something not working right and from an attitude of giving, turn it into an act of service and don’t look for any recognition.

3) How can I find my own tribe?

The strongest tribes are built around core values and a compelling vision of a compelling  tomorrow.  Further, a tribe allows for each member to make contributions in their special way.  Each member also feels that they are not only accepted, but experience a deep sense of belonging. 

I encourage you to begin looking for a group or person making change you believe in and find how you can use your special gifts to further the cause.  

Could it be that when we begin giving what only we can give to those around us not expecting anything in return, that we are experiencing the true  meaning of Christmas?  

What is our responsibility when our leader changes direction?

As we develop into leaders that others want to follow, we show our maturity by how we behave when we receive new direction.  

Change affects us all; including our organizations.

While we may not understand completely all the reasons or rationale behind a change, how we chose to respond will impact the teams we lead positively or negatively.

Individuals that want to increase their ability to lead understand they must be able to follow well and model behaviors they want others to emulate. 

Below are some thoughts for us to consider as we receive new direction.  

Trust the leader

People leading us are there for a reason.  Most have been able to achieve something we haven’t yet so we should support their right and responsibility to make decisions affecting the group.  Submitting to authority works best when we choose to trust they have the best interest of the team and organization in mind.  Unless there is evidence to the contrary this should be our mindset.

Understand the time frame

Most direction change takes longer than a day to implement.  Further, it might take some time to fully understand how to execute the new direction.  Acting immediately could be a mistake as leaders may refine the directive based on feedback they receive.

Offer leadership our best

Offer our best counsel on moving the team from here to there.  We have a responsibility to our teams and our leaders to share our thoughts and provide options on how to get where they want to go. There may also  be opportunity to help reduce risks associated with the change.

Anyone can steer the ship, but it takes a leader to chart the course ~ John Maxwell

Moving the team

Even if we have the best relationship and trust of our team, moving them may not always be easy.   We should approach the team openly, communicate the change, listen, and set the new course.  The map to get to the new destination may still need to be developed.  Activate the team in ways that produce positive energy and find ways for them to influence the path to take. 

Offer Praise frequently

Celebrate team achievements along the way.  Many of us forget to do this and it hurts the team morale.   Acknowledging what they are doing and have done is extremely important as they are the ones that feel less in control and need our affirmation that we are on course and what they are doing matters.

Thank the leader

Along the way, it is important that we also affirm our leader.  Not many leaders have the courage to make tough decisions at the right times to move the organization to a better place.   Some never do and leave the team and organization to suffer until a new leader comes and initiates the needed course correction.  Showing appreciation for our leaders is a behavior our teams’ need to see from us.

Shepherding:  The art of becoming the leader others want to follow