Arriving At Our Destination

Following a rainbow will neither lead us to our destination nor to a pot of gold, but when we see one from where we are standing they make our hearts feel glad because they affirm that a difficult time has past and that the future will be brighter.

Last year, I wrote “Moving Your Team” as my family and I were setting out on a new adventure to find a new house and a few months later I wrote about our daughter’s commitment to the principle of going “All In” as she demanded that we take all of her piggy bank money in order for us to have enough money to help us achieve our goal   8 months was a material amount of time to remain in transit.  We are happy to report that we have arrived at our next stopping point!

As we bring this short chapter to a close, I would like to share a few of my learnings.

Teams committed to the same vision are strong

When teams look to accomplish a purpose meaningful to them, it is critical that those taking the journey are bought into the same vision before beginning.   While circumstances or external factors may force us to adapt, having a shared commitment to the goal and each other can ensure we don’t defeat ourselves.

Enjoy the road towards the destination

Along the way there will be successes, challenges and opportunities.  Taking advantage of every chance to learn, grow, and appreciate every step along the way can make us more generous and empathetic people.

Responding to adversity with positivity gives us the opportunity to bring more generosity and empathy into the world.

Celebrate the adventure

When we arrive at the end of the adventure and before we begin the next, we should take opportunity to celebrate.   Have a party, buy something to commemorate the experience, and talk about the story and what it meant to you.

It might be that what we just went through may become a pivotal time in our life when looking back.  We shouldn’t take any goal we have achieved for granted.  Celebrate!