11 Attributes of Trust

We understand that developing high performing teams requires building safe places for people to form relationships, experiment and grow. One of the predecessors to creating safe places for people is the trust we accrue as we engage them on their terms. .

“Safety is the result of the work we have already done, not something that we do by itself.”

Exemplary leaders value the trust their followers place in them. I have listed a few attributes of trust. Please share yours below:

What is trust like?

  1. Trust is no more a commodity than is friendship
  2. Trust can live a long time; our job is to make it thrive
  3. Trust between individuals is personal
  4. Trust cannot be rushed
  5. Trust between people happens best one conversation at a time
  6. Trust is multi-dimensional
  7. Trust can be situational
  8. Trust is the substance that holds people, teams, communities, and nations together
  9. Trust is like air in a relationship, without it the relationship will suffer and eventually die
  10. Trust has a seed of eternity inside it which is why people are so interested in accumulating it
  11. Trust is precious because despite all the work we put in to earn it, we cannot give it to ourselves; trust always comes from another freely

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